Please Help: PS3/PS4 to WiiU Classic Not recognizing Gamepads anymore

Dear Brook-Support,

I bought an PS3/Ps4 to Switch adapter (Red/Blue Colour) and flashed the PS3/PS4 to WiiU Classic V1.2 for y WiiU U/
I was using it with a PS3-Controller without issues an didn't use the WiiU for some month. Now I can't connect the Gamepads anymore. Tested different Gamepads (DS3, DS4) and the 4 red lights of the PS3-Controller stay solid red, before it was just No. 1 solid red as a signal that it's paired.

What I tried without success:
I can't pair the controller again (pressed left+down + square+ cross). I tried to reflash the adapter (also first with a different Firmware and then again the Classic). I tried to reset the pairing of other Gamepads in the WiiU settings. I reset the PS3-Controller.

Dear Brook-Support how can I get re-pairing of the gamepads again with the WiiU?

Best wishes


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    Hi Bde4k,
    Thank you for your patronage of Brook products.

    Please update firmware PS3/PS4 to Wii U Classic Edition U/
    Step1. Press WiiU power; use ps3/ps4 controller and plug in the converter then connect to the USB port of Will U
    Step2. Pressed DPad-Left、Dpad-Down、□、╳、L1 until converter LED is Flash (3~5sec)
    Step3. Press SYNC red button on WiiU console
    The controller is pairing complete

    If not, please tell us the "shop name" of the product (in the case of Amazon, "order number").
    I will show you the appropriate support desk.

    Thank you.

  • Bde4kBde4k Posts: 3

    Thank you for the suggestion! I flashed the WiiU Classic Edition V1.2 again and followed your clear instruction.
    Step2: I pressed Left+Down + square+ cross + L1 Buttons until LED flashed and pressed the Sync Button of the WiiU Console.
    After Step3 I need to press the Sync Button of the PS3-Controller and it's registered as Controller. The No.1 of the PS3-Controller light is then solid red. Now I can use the PS3-Controller in the Menu of the WiiU and for some games like Mario Kart.
    BUT... It's not synced as a WiiU-Gamepad. Before I could play all Games with the PS3-Controller also Zelda Breath of The Wild. That doesn't work anymore, I can't control these Games with the PS3-Controller. Any other suggestions how I can get full WiiU-Gamepad compatability back?

    Best wishes.

  • Bde4kBde4k Posts: 3

    If this means the Adapter needs to be exchanged, I bought the Adapter from Amazon 27.5.2017 and contacted the Brook support in May 2018 concerning another issue. I got an email with a Rma number RN-02258 but never got any further answer how to proceed.
    What should we do now?

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